U.S.TechVets.org Job Board

Participation in U.S. Tech Vets is FREE to any CEDIA member company. To begin, a primary HR/recruiting contact at your company should apply for an employer login to the site. (Employers need to apply for a new account on USTechVets.org, even if you already have a Monster.com account.)

Once you have a login, you can post jobs manually, search the site’s database of more than 800,000 veteran resumes, and add additional recruiters to your company’s account. (Having multiple recruiters connected through a main account has many information sharing and coordination benefits.)

Monster provides helpful video tutorials on the site. Or you can click here for tips on how to create an account or here for tips on posting jobs.

If your company already has active postings on Monster.com, those jobs will automatically be reposted to USTechVets.org job board. Don’t worry, this is free and does not require any action on your part.

CEDIA members who have a job board on their company website can elect to have those jobs scraped and reposted to the USTechVets.org  job board for a small fee.  To learn more about this option, please contact Ted Wadsworth at ted.wadsworth@monster.com.