CEDIA Fellows

The Industry’s Visionary Leaders

As an organization driven by its membership, CEDIA has benefited from visionary leaders, passionate volunteers, and dedicated members. The CEDIA Fellows represent a group of individuals who have helped shape the industry and significantly contributed to the association’s success. 

CEDIA Fellows are selected by the CEDIA Board of Directors.

  • Anthony Grimani

  • Bill Skaer

  • Chris Stevens

  • David Graham

  • Eric Bodley

  • Eric Grundelman

  • Eric Lee

  • Dr. Floyd E. Toole

  • Frank White

  • Fred Ampel

  • Jeff Kussard

  • Jeff Zemanek

  • Jeremy Burkhardt

  • Jeremy Glowacki

  • Joaquin Rivera

  • Julie Jacobson

  • Ken Erdmann

  • Larry Pexton

  • Len Wallis

  • Leslie Shiner

  • Marilyn Sanford

  • Maureen Jenson

  • Michael Heiss

  • Mitchell Klein

  • Ray Lepper

  • Rich Green

  • Richard Stoerger

  • Steve Moore

  • Tom Doherty

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