2020-2021 Board of Directors Election

The CEDIA Board of Directors governs the association's activities, and is dedicated to furthering the CEDIA mission of building prosperity for its members and ensuring the growth of the industry through its programs and initiatives.

There are seven (7) open board positions for the 2020-2021 term. Positions will be filled in two ways:

Elected Directors: CEDIA members will vote to fill four (4) elected positions. Home Technology Professional members who are employees of a member company may be nominated, vetted by the Governance Committee, and proposed as candidates for the global membership vote. The vacancies this election cycle may be filled by one (1) CEDIA member in the EMEA region and three (3) from the rest of the global membership. Elected board members will be announced immediately after the election and seated on January 1, 2020.

Appointed Directors: All other member types (manufacturers, service providers, etc.) and additional Home Technology Professionals are eligible for appointment to the Board of Directors. There are three (3) appointed positions open for the 2020-2021 term;  one (1) to be filled from the EMEA region, and two (2) from the rest of the global membership. The CEDIA Governance Committee reviews candidates based on the skills needed and makes a recommendation to the Board, who vote to approve the appointment. This process runs in parallel with the election, with the appointments occurring at the January 2020 board meeting. 

The Board election process is governed and outlined by CEDIA's Bylaws. Voting is open from September 11 to October 22, 2019: All member types, whether integrator, manufacturer, service provider or other, may vote and each company has one vote.

In addition to casting a vote for elected directors, CEDIA members are being asked to approve the move of domestication of CEDIA from Illinois to Indiana.

Pursuant to CEDIA's Bylaws, the association must receive responses from at least 1% of the membership in order to meet quorum requirements. Moreover, to be effective, the domestication must receive the approval of at least two-thirds of the member votes cast.

2020-2021 Board of Directors Candidates

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    Continuing Directors

    The following current Directors are continuing their service next year.

    Rob Sutherland
    Inspired Dwellings, Ltd.
    London, United Kingdom

    Dave Humphries
    Immediate Past Chairman
    Atlantic Integrated
    Rockleigh, NJ, USA

    Peter Aylett
    West Sussex, United Kingdom

    Michael Cogbill
    West Palm Beach, FL, USA

    Albert Mizrahi
    Mexico City, Mexico

    Joe Whitaker
    Thoughtful Integrations
    Clayton, MO, USA

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