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I AM CEDIA Profile: Ron Wanless | Technology Design Associates |Bend, OR

"CEDIA is for me an educational opportunity. They provide a ton of education and they provide a ton of information throughout our industry for people like my employees and myself to gain the knowledge to become better for our clients."

Here’s a bit of background — in his own words — from Ron Wanless of Technology Design Associates in Bend, OR. Read more.

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I AM CEDIA: Steve Thomas, Integrated Technologies Australia

by Ed Wenck | Jul 31, 2018
Who are you?

My name is Steve Thomas. I am the Sales Channel Manager at Integrated Technologies Australia. My role sees me helping architects and builders with technology solutions for their clients.

What’s your company and where is it based?

At Integrated Technologies Australia, we have a team of experts who service the Melbourne and Victorian regional areas. We also consult on technology solutions on a national level.

How did you get into the industry?

I have always been interested in electronics and gadgets. I started an electronics apprenticeship and once qualified, worked as an electronics technician for 20 years.

What’s your favorite project and why?

Our residential project in Hampton is my favorite project because it includes the very latest in technology. Our solution integrates with every sub-system in the home and truly enhances the lives of the family who lives there.

Which home technology do you consider the most important today and why?

It’s more about the process for me. There is no one type of technology or sub-system implementation that I consider better than others. What I believe is important is providing our clients with the appropriate education of what is possible with technology and then providing a solution that fully achieves the functionality they have requested.

What’s the biggest issue for home technology businesses today and how can they deal with it?

The biggest issue is educating people about why our time is important and valuable. There is an increasing amount of information relating to smart technology available online today. A lot of consumers don’t appreciate that there is a lot more to understand before a suitable, reliable, functioning technology solution can be achieved.

An important step is to allow for the required amount of time with the clients at the beginning of the process. Don’t shortcut this step. Take the time to educate your client so that they understand what technology can offer them.

If there was one thing you could change in the industry what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything with our industry at present. I am very excited with the future of where we are heading. As a person who enjoys how technology can help, assist, and enhance peoples lives, I look forward to more of this and that’s very exciting.

It’s not just the training that is beneficial. The CEDIA community also provides a great resource for information and assistance. This ranges from technical advice through to business system advice from people with similar business models.

How long have you been a CEDIA member?

I have known about CEDIA since my early days as an electronic technician but was never involved until two years ago. Today, I couldn’t imagine doing my job or being in the industry without the support from CEDIA.

Why did you become a CEDIA member?

I became a CEDIA member to remain at the forefront of our industry. The current rate of change with technology dictates a constant dedication to research and training. CEDIA has provided a great platform for this training and support for me.

Which CEDIA benefits have you taken advantage of, and why?

I am often dealing with architects in my role. I recently attended the CEDIA Outreach Instructor program, which I found fun, informative, and it provided additional sales tools for me to use when presenting to architects.

It’s not just the training that is beneficial. The CEDIA community also provides a great resource for information and assistance. This ranges from technical advice through to business system advice from people with similar business models.

What does the next year hold for your company?

We already have some great high-end residential home automation projects pencilled in for the next 12 months. We are also looking forward to entering the 2019 CEDIA Awards.

What do you consider your biggest achievement as a CEDIA member?

Having the opportunity to be involved in our residential Hampton project. I humbly expect to be standing on a stage with our team, accepting a CEDIA Award for some amazing use of technology.





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