CEDIA Certification

6-Step Guide to Preparing for CEDIA Certification

CEDIA makes it easy for you to prepare for a certification exam and provides a variety of resources to fit your learning style and busy schedule. Each certification has a clearly defined body of knowledge – and a variety of learning options, which are most effective when used together in a blended approach.

1. Select the Right Certification

There is a certification for everyone!

Fundamentals or advanced?

The ESC (formerly Gateway) certification serves as the foundation for all higher certifications; all advanced certifications assume the candidate is familiar with the knowledge covered by the ESC exam.

If you have several years of experience, you may be able to skip the ESC certification and proceed directly to ESC-T, ESC-D, or ESC-N. However, we recommend reviewing the Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems book and possibly taking the Pre-Test Assessment for the ESC exam to be sure you have a solid foundation.

2. Review the Job Task Analysis

The Job Task Analysis (JTA) is the blueprint of what is covered in the exam.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Review each exam domain and task, and identify areas where further learning or experience is called for. If you feel confident in all domains, you may wish to take the Pre-Test Assessment (see step 4) before studying specific areas.

To find a link to the JTA for the exam(s) you are interested in, start here and select a certification.

3. Execute a Learning Plan

If you identify knowledge gaps or weaknesses, you have plenty of options to learn what you need to know.

Pick the learning options that work best for you.

Choose from CEDIA books (Advanced Residential Electronic Systems Book and Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems), online training, in-person training, and other resources.

4. Take the Pre-Test Assessment

This free online practice test will show you exactly where you stand. You will get immediate results telling you how you fared in each domain. This will allow you to customize your learning and final review before taking the certification exam. To find the Pre-Test Assessment for the exam(s) you are pursuing, visit the CEDIA Training Catalog and filter by Class Type: Exam Pre-Test Assessment.

5. Final Review and Preparation

Take the opportunity to plan your final review and preparation based on the results of your Pre-Test Assessment. This is your last chance to fill in gaps and review key points. Focus on any areas in which you are not completely confident. This step may be done on your own, or you can take advantage of review sessions offered at CEDIA and other select in-person training offerings throughout the year.

6. Take the Timed, Proctored Exam

Schedule your exam at a location in CEDIA’s testing network. Register online, pick the location and time, and sit for the examination. Your results will be reported upon completion.

To register for an exam, visit the CEDIA Training Catalog and filter by Category: Certification.

Learning Options

Publications & Resources

CEDIA’s Advanced Residential Electronic Systems and Fundamentals of Residential Electronic Systems books are comprehensive resources for you whole company and excellent study guides for certification.

Additionally, browse reference documents, standards, white papers, course participant guides, and more in our Resource Catalog.

Online Training

eCourses, lessons, webinars, and more are available in the CEDIA Training Catalog.

In-Person Training

Instructor-led classes provide a unique opportunity for interaction and hands-on learning. View our Training Events Calendar.


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In-Person Education

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Gain essential skills and knowledge from experienced instructors.

Boot Camps

Get an immersive learning experience with both hands-on and classroom training.

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