CEDIA Boot Camps

Tasks like crimping wires, running cable, and calibration may sound like a foreign language. All of these tasks and more will be part of your vocabulary and skill set after you attend CEDIA Boot Camps.

CEDIA offers basic and advanced training to prepare you to set up and install smart home technology systems. This specialized, hands-on installer training will provide you with a foundation for a successful career as a home technology professional.

CEDIA offers three boot camp training options: Basic Boot Camp, Home Theater Boot Camp, and Advanced Networking Boot Camp. Each session includes both hands-on and classroom training, and all course materials are continually updated to reflect the latest trends and standards.

Upcoming Boot Camps 


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Basic Boot Camp

basic boot camp

This three-day training event covers the industry fundamentals such as residential infrastructure and sub-system testing.   

Home Theater Boot Camp

home theater boot camp

 This three-day training covers advanced home theater setup topics, such as AV signals, acoustics, and rack configuration. 

Advanced Networking Boot Camp

Advanced Networking and Systems Integration Boot Camp

This three-day training addresses advanced residential networking topics. 

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