We have had phenomenal attendance & feedback to the webinars we have hosted on a range of topics in response to COVID-19. If you have not yet listened to them, here is a list of past webinars and the links to the recordings.


Virtual Leadership and Employee Engagement
In this webinar, CEDIA's Samantha Ventura will teach you how to align employees with the organization’s direction and priorities, set clear performance expectations, and build trusting relationships among teams.

The U.S. Economy and Your Business: Where to from Here?
How is the economy tied to the markets in the US and around the world? How can government response mitigate – or exacerbate – an astonishing and sudden downturn like the one we’re experiencing? Is a quick recovery – what’s called a “V shape” – likely, or will things slowly creep back to pre-pandemic levels? And most importantly, how can this affect your business during – and after?
In this webinar led by Leslie Shiner you will earn how to determine  the importance and impact of managing cash flows and how it directly affects the bottom line, review considerations needed to prepare an adjusted cash flow forecast, and create an Adjusted Cash Flow Forecast to manage different ‘what if?’ scenarios.

Finalizar un proyecto: El último cinco por ciento
Esta clase aborda todos los recursos internos y externos, desde llevar un proyecto a su equipo de ventas hasta entregar un sistema de alta tecnología a su cliente con todos los elementos.  El saber manejar esta proceso a través de comunicación y coordinación adecuada hará que tu empresa sea más reconocida y estar a un nivel mas alto de la competencia, sus clients serán más felices y su vida menos estresada.

EMEA: Business Survival Post COVID-19
How can you minimise the impact of this global pandemic on your business? Luke Desmond of the UK’s Crisp Accountancy has advice. Luke will help you understand what to consider immediately, offer tips to build resilience in your team and family, provide a template for creating your Business Continuity Plan, help craft supporting information so you can engage with your suppliers, employees, bank and advisors to drive empathetic and effective conversations, and summarise the ways in which you can fast track the development of your plan.

Expanding Opportunities as a CEDIA Outreach Instructor
As a CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI), your role is to educate various members in the Design Build community about our technologies with a goal of building a relationship that translates into sales. Not all lunch and learns directly result in a sale or a lead. So how do you set yourself up for success? In this webinar, we discuss some real-world experiences from other COI’s on how to turn your CEU opportunities into successful relationships, including how to target clients to how to follow up after the class. 

Understanding the Business Impacts of COVID-19
As part of the CEDIASTRONG initiative, market research specialists, The Farnsworth Group explore and explain the results of CEDIA’s COVID-19 Impact Survey. Covering the U.S., Canada, and UK regions, this presentation covers topics such as project bidding, ongoing jobs, impact on current operations, and near-term outlook.

Navigating the Insurance Market During COVID-19
As part of the CEDIASTRONG initiative, Independent Business Insurance Brokers, Flint Group Insurance, explain the current situation with Business Insurance in the UK.

Top Five Pivot Opportunities for Integrators
Now is the perfect time to pivot on strategy, rethink opportunities and come out of the other end of this crisis as a stronger company able to embrace new opportunities. This webinar suggests five pivot strategies including practical ways of developing them now to then implement once the lockdown pedal is released enough to do business again.


A Deep Dive Into Video Compression
From mezzanine compression for content capture and post-production, to deep compression for content distribution, to the choice of compressed vs uncompressed for the final hop to the display, this webinar led by CEDIA's David Meyer takes a look at the types of compression, when it’s good and when it’s not.

How Vulnerable is Your Client's Home Technology to Cybersecurity Threats?
We know cybersecurity threats are real but just how at risk is the technology you install in your client's home to cybersecurity attacks? In this webinar hosted by Mike Maniscalco we'll talk about the shocking statistics and introduce methods and tools to assess the security of the smart home systems you install and service.

CABA Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS)
This webinar will give you a high-level look at how IoT and the services these technologies enable in the connected home will shift from product-led to service-led and the complex path to get there.

Success with Videoconferencing: Technologies Overview and Best Practices
This webinar will explore the hardware and software necessary to successfully support high quality videoconferencing experiences as well as review some of the recommended practices for users adapting to working with the new communication platform.

New Lighting Technologies: The Changing Face of the Dimmer Rack
Is the dimmer rack still the same? What new lighting technologies are there, and what will be their impact on the rack? Lighting used to be straightforward, but advances in technology and communications have added a myriad of possibilities. This webinar takes a look at new and existing lighting technology and protocols to prepare you for a successful installation.

Wi-Fi 6: The Next Generation in Wi-Fi
This webinar explores how Wi-Fi 6 has been designed to address some of the basic wireless networking issues and provide High Efficiency Wi-Fi, covering topics such as OFDMA, Resource Units, and SSID Coloring, along with design considerations and guidelines.

The Business of Calibration
Gerry Lemay of Home Acoustics Alliance and Joel Silver of the Imaging Science Foundation have developed the industry leading best practices for calibration of Audio and Video respectively. On this webinar they will teach you about the various options and recommendations related to program structures, pricing models, sales strategies, and value added tools/materials to provide to your clients.

Viral Innovation: The Overnight Transformation of In-Home Entertainment
The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a shift in business for many industries and the entertainment industry is no exception. With some first run movies being distributed direct to consumer and ISPs lifting data caps, what does the future hold for commercial cinemas and the content creation and distribution process? John Penney, EVP, Consumer Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Twentieth Century Fox, looks into his crystal ball to see how key players may change their models now and what that could mean for the future of content creation and distribution.

Diseño de Salas para audio envolvente
El audio inmersivo ofrece la posibilidad de vivir experiencias realistas en los cines en casa, pero también crecen los retos con los nuevos formatos, especialmente con configuraciones de altavoces no compatibles con audio 3D. Con esta presentación usted aprenderá qué es el audio inmersivo, los 3 formatos principales de audio inmersivo y las distribuciones recomendadas de altavoces para cada caso. Adicionalmente, el curso explorará las restricciones encontradas en cines en casa de alto desempeño, y planteará propuestas para unificar las distribuciones de altavoces. enfocándose a múltiples oyentes.

Integrating AV with KNX
Working with an AV Control system and need to interface with KNX? Find out how in this 60-minute session with KNX certified tutor Mark Warburton. All key AV control systems work with the KNX standard, but some in different ways. This session covers the basics of how to best integrate them along with the key KNX information needed to ensure the systems work harmoniously together.


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