Have You or Your Company Been the Victim of Patent Trolls?

Nick McLain
Mar 29, 2016

Government affairsCEDIA Government Affairs wants to hear your story.

Recently, CEDIA joined United for Patent Reform, a national coalition of companies and associations asking the federal government to pass patent reform legislation to end the frivolous lawsuits pursued by so-called “patent trolls.”

Members of the coalition represent almost every industry one can think of — and none are untouched by the impact of patent trolls. You can see a list of members, including CEDIA, at unitedforpatentreform.com/members.

The Issue

Patent trolls are individuals or companies that buy patents and then enforce their patent rights against those they consider infringers through lawsuits. The problem is, these trolls usually buy the patent with no intent to produce the patented product or perform the patented service.

Even if the supposed infringer is not liable, the cost to fight the litigation, especially for smaller companies, is often too much to bear, and they choose to settle. In Europe, where the courts have a “loser pays” court costs system, this is considerably less of an issue.

When companies have to fight this sort of litigation, the incentive to innovate can be stifled, with R&D budgets being swallowed up by court costs and attorney fees. The technology industry has been hit hard by these patent trolls, and CEDIA wanted to be part of a coalition to find a solution.

How You Can Help

We want to know if you have been the victim of a patent troll lawsuit at any point in the past. Your story will help demonstrate to federal lawmakers that this is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and will also help us understand the impact this issue has on our industry.

If you do not wish to mention your company’s name in the story, we completely understand. We can take your story but keep identifying details confidential. To share your story, contact Darren Reaman, CEDIA Director of Government Affairs, or Nick McLain, CEDIA Government Affairs Manager, at 800.669.5329.

Nick McLain is CEDIA’s Government Affairs Manager. Nick can be reached at nmclain@cedia.org.



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