The Last 5%: Wisdom from Our Members (And Some Others, Too)

Ed Wenck
May 25, 2020

“The toughest part of a job? Sometimes it’s the last 5%.” – Anon

Nuggets of wisdom from the CEDIA universe as they appeared in the Q2 2020 issue of CEDIA Communicates.

So you have to make certain that the content that the client wants is available, you have to know what form it’s available in, you have to determine if they have to pay for it, and you must ascertain which device they need to access it. -Michael Heiss (M Heiss Consulting) on the challenges presented by the vast amount of content and delivery platforms the consumer faces from the CEDIA Podcast “The Streaming Show”

What our industry does very well is sell music, but actually if you think about wellness and reducing unwanted noise, actually we're more acoustic engineers for homes. That's what we should be doing. – Jeff Hayward (Wildwood PR) from the ISE Mainstage presentation “Wellness and Biophilia”

With the massive size and growth of device and data breaches, can your business afford to be on the target end of an attack ending in a large settlement? Unfortunately, cybersecurity insurance is not the only answer. It is imperative to take the time to implement better preventative measures such as company cybersecurity policies and investments in training for your staff and customers. -Mike Maniscalco (Pytheas) on cyber-precautions from the
CEDIA.net blog post “Time to Invest in Cybersecurity in 2020”

Regarding 5G applications, I’ve heard this example: If you have very low latency, you could have a surgeon in one room and a patient 1,000 miles away undergoing remote-controlled, robotic surgery. Do you actually want that surgery to take place over the open internet? -Industry expert John Penney doing a bit of myth-busting in his ISE Mainstage presentation “5G Update”

If you bring some positive news to the table right out of the gate, it sets a much better tone for the meeting. -Pete Trauth (Nirvana Home Entertainment) on morale-building during team meetings from the CEDIA.net blog post "The Importance of Employee Morale"



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