Industry Q&A: On Becoming a COI (CEDIA Outreach Instructor)

Nov 12, 2019

The COI program enables CEDIA members to deliver educational presentations on home technology to their local design and build industry partners, helping develop vital new business relationships.
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Legislative Update 2019

Darren Reaman
Feb 25, 2019

CEDIA is currently tracking 118 legislative bills in 36 states and 152 regulations in 35 states. Here are a few really pressing issues.
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The CEDIA Awards: Documentation

Ed Wenck
Feb 18, 2019

Here's tips and advice to make the documentation required for your CEDIA Awards entry stand out.
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The CEDIA Awards: Photography

Ed Wenck
Feb 12, 2019

Tips and advice on creating and submitting the photos of your CEDIA Award entry.
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The CEDIA Awards: Writing the Essay

Ed Wenck
Feb 05, 2019

Tips and advice on making the written portion of your CEDIA Award entry stand out.
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The CEDIA Podcast: Demystifying the CEDIA Awards

Ed Wenck
Feb 01, 2019

Tips and advice from judges and winners on what CEDIA is looking for when it comes to winning a trophy.
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The Man Behind The CEDIA Designer

Ed Wenck
Sep 05, 2018

A chat with the inventor of the tool that helps integrators build – and sell – the best dedicated home cinemas.
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CEDIA® Member Benefits: A Refresher

Ed Wenck
Oct 19, 2016

We’re much, much more than just the folks who put on that big trade show every year.
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